I live in Mt Martha,situated on the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria Australia. Although I have a home studio my workplace is in the Australian landscape. I have held several solo painting exhibitions and have paintings in the collections of State Regional Art Galleries

Sunset Berri , SA



I have always looked at  the landscape and tried to digest its visual impact so that I could relay my interpretation of its beauty to others.  My preference is to draw using soft pastel because of its unique purity and capacity to reproduce the vibrant colours sometimes found in nature. Pastel can be applied directly and requires little in the way of preparation. It is a medium that is not dependent on messy solvents or much in the way of preparation. It can be applied rapidly and is my medium of choice for Plein Air painting.  All of the drawings  on this site have been produced on location. I feel this allows the best chance of the atmosphere of the subject being incorporated into the work.

I love the Australian landscape and hope I am able to transmit this feeling to you .

Thank you for looking at my site.



Flood plain Murray River Berri .SA